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* All our works only feature our own production.
* Our moulds strictly adhere to standards.
* The materials we used for producing moulds are delivered together with their certificates.
* We ensure consultation by presenting our mould designs to appreciation of our customers.
* We adopt a product-centric mould production process.
* We prioritize customer satisfaction.
* We ensure high quality mould production and timely delivery.
* We have expertise in hot runner mould production.
* Our mould workmanship quality is double checked, first by us and then the customer.
* In addition to our warranty, we personally stand behind our moulds till the end.
* We provide technical information to our customers with flow analysis program.
* When producing moulds, we also establish a quality control system.
* Our company does not only produce moulds but also is actively interested in any injection-related problems upon request.
* We are distinguished with our 20-year experience and expertise in plastic injection moulding industry.